Dear Freshman

Dear Freshman,

Welcome to College! It is going to be the best, most emotional, biggest growing time of the next four years of your life! You are going to have moments where you laugh uncontrollably with your friends over the stupidest of things because you haven’t slept well, or where you sob in bed as your best friends try to console you because of the loss of a relationship, a bad grade, being homesick, whatever it may be. We all have gone through it! You’re not alone!

Before you run off to college and say goodbye to your parents remember that they are the reason that you are there! Whatever your relationship is with them remember to thank them, give them a big hug and see them off when it’s time to leave before your orientation starts!

And speaking of orientation as stupid as it seems do the activities! Don’t try to sneak out because you think you’re “cool” it just causes a whole bunch of issues for everyone involved!

Get involved in your school activities, join at least one club that interests you! Make friends outside your Major! Go to school events besides Football! If you have more than one college in your area go to a mingle event and meet people on other campuses!

But remember to also have fun while getting your school work done!

Enjoy these next four years! Believe me when I say they go by WAY TO FAST!



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