What’s In My Beach Bag?

As we are getting to the end of summer (I know I’m not excited either) I have been enjoying as much time on the beach as I can! Living in Northern Michigan I have my pick of beaches right on Lake Michigan!

No Salt, No Sharks, No Problem!

So I thought I would take you into a peak of what I take on an average day to the beach!

As my beach bag I use my Lilly Pulitzer for Estee Lauder bag I got when the collaborated years ago! I linked a similar bag since I don’t have nor could I find a good photo of the bag I have and mine is pretty worn! Whoops.

Beach Bag

Almonds (Amazon) / Beach Towel (Target) / Wild by Cheryl Strayed (Amazon)
Sunglasses (Target) / Flip Flops (Old Navy) / Sunscreen (Alba Botanica)

I try to limit what I take with me, my time at the beach is a relaxing time and while I take my phone I usually leave it in a small zipped bag so it doesn’t get sand in it and so I don’t have a temptation to look at it every 30 seconds!

I usually take a book with me, I don’t always read it, but I have been catching up on my reading list this summer I am finally getting around to reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed! If you have not read this book it is a fantastic read about Cheryl’s adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail!

I always make sure I have a snack with me and I LOVE unsalted Almonds and Blue Dimond has the best snap lid container that is beach perfect!

The beach towel is not the exact one I have but I LOVE the anchor print and polka dots! If If I was in need of a new towel I would add this to my collection!

I love tortoiseshell print sun glasses and these ones from Target are similar to my pair!

I also have a terribly large collection of Old Navy’s Flip Flops. I stock up when they have their $1 flip flop sale every summer!

The Sunscreen is by Alba Botanica and I love how gentle it is on my skin and it doesn’t feel greasy and it has a really nice coverage! If you are looking for a more natural sunscreen I highly recommend checking them out!

This pretty much covers everything I take to the beach with me on a regular basis!

What are you’re go-to’s in your beach bag? Do you like a good book on the beach? If so which one are you reading right now!?



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