I Had to Take Some Time

Last month I had an idea to do one post everyday in a “challenge” form to myself. I took a few different “blog post challenge” lists off of Pinterest till I had a good list I thought I could write posts about. But as I started writing them and as I did I realized how personal the posts were becoming and I wan’t sure if I was ready to share that part of my life with my readers and followers yet.

I don’t want anyone to think I am “hiding” something, when I’m not really.  I’m just putting a filter on it and trying to have a little control over what is floating out there in the World Wide Webs.

When I feel that the time is right and those things in my life that I still find hard to share could help someone or be pertinent to someone I will open up but for now these are things I am going to hold close to my heart.

I am looking forward to moving forward with my posts! As a recent college graduate I am excited to share a couple posts on College and my experiences, a bit of my ever growing “fashion” sense, and what its like in my little corner of the internet!



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