Favorite Essential Oils

I have been using Essential Oils for a little over a year now and I LOVE them! As a student it college, and just in general, I get stressed really easily, I have anxiety, and have battled with panic attacks for several years now. Because of that I have had to change my diet to a more natural and less artificial foods, but I began including essential oils into my day after my mom had some success with them for other things. And can I just say I am HOOKED now! So here are my top 5 favorite essential oils!

Essential Oils

  1. Stress Away: Young Living has an essential oil blend called Stress Away and I’m not kidding when some days I could use the whole bottle and drench myself in it. It smells so good! I have it on a roller ball and I just roll it onto the inside of my wrists and sometimes on the back of my neck throughout the days and it really does seem to help my stress levels!
  2. Lavender: Lavender is another stress relieving oil but it also helps with scaring and burns! I put it on if I get a little sunburn after being outside for a little while and it really helps, plus it just smells good too!
  3. Peppermint: I use Peppermint for headaches and I use it in a 1 to 1 ratio with extra virgin Olive Oil in a roller ball and put it on my temples generally and depending on how bad the headache is it help to alleviate the tension and pain caused by the headache.
  4. Thieves: Thieve is another blend by YoungLiving that is actually antibacterial. In the fall, winter and spring months I drink a cup of Cinnamon tea with a drop of the Theives oil and a little bit of honey in it and it helps boost my immune system! It’s strong, but the spices in it smell really nice together! YoungLiving has also created all-natural cleaning products with the Thieves and they work really really well!
  5. Frankincense: I use Frankincense on my face for my acne and acne scaring. It has a nice woody scent too it and it’s really mild. I just put a drop of it on a cotton ball after I’ve washed my face and let the oil into my skin and it has helped to clear up some rough spots on my face!

So those are just a few of my favorite oils that I use on a pretty regular basis! I think Essential Oils definitly have a benefit in my life and I just love using them!

If you’ve used Essential Oils what are you favorites?


*Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by YoungLiving, and am not a health care professional these are just my favorite Essential Oils and why I use them.


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