What I Learned in College (Not in Class)

Cap & Gown

    1. Cherish Your College Years
      Looking back on my four years what I realize is that I didn’t cherish or really enjoy some moments in college that I really should have. I was sometimes so caught up in what homework I needed to get done, the looming deadlines of a project or just wanting to stay in with Netflix and Pizza that I missed a lot of memories and opportunities. These are moments that you can’t get back at you can’t redo. When people tell you that you four years of college go by really fast, believe them. Those four years of your undergrad really do fly by and before you know it you are walking the stage and being handed your diploma.


  • Meet People Outside Your Department
    I’m not saying don’t meet and hang out with the people in your department, by all means do! These people in your department are going to be friends (maybe) and connections down the road! But take classes outside your department, get to know people in a department you might not typically socialize with because these people are going to be the ones that expand your horizons of thinking and are going to help you grow as a person, who knows! You might even meet your best friend in another department!



  • Stay Organized, But Sometimes a Mess Happens!
    My senior year I paid the extra money and had a single room suited with my best friend, this was the best decision I ever did! I could organize and design it how I wanted too and it was MY space! I made sure things were put away, my bed was made and everything was organized. Sometimes though, a tough week came along and I let that slip. I would have to study outside of my dorm room to be able to concentrate because when I was in my room I would be flustered and just want to clean when I didn’t have the time. Was I upset that my room was not clean or organized, yes. But I had to make sure that my schoolwork came ahead of it, and when the weekend rolled around I would be up on a Saturday morning getting my room back together. It’s alright wanting to have your dorm organized, but sometimes you just need to let the mess happen.



  • Thank Your Family
    I don’t know what your relationship with your family is like, but what I do know is that I would not have made it through college without their help and support! Make sure you thank them! Whatever it is! A little card telling them how much it meant to you, or a gift from the bookstore on campus or a framed picture from graduation! Whatever it is make sure you thank them! They are the reason you are hear on this earth and able to study after all! Whomever your family happens to be!



  • Take Pictures!
    We live in such a digital age now that we can capture moments in an instant on our phones! When you are out enjoying the company of your friends make sure you take pictures! They can become great graduation gifts of a collage of all the best photos of your times out as a keepsake! You don’t have to have the nicest camera or the best phone, just take pictures! Pictures are going to last longer than our memories are going to be able to store them!


College was some of the best and most stressful years of my life, but I wouldn’t change at all the way it happened!



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